Our Services

Our Services

When embarking on a new journey in life, using a professional to help you through the process is always the most efficient way to make the best decisions.
When embarking on a new journey in life – be it a first home, the start of a business or, a hard look at your finances and how to best manage them – using a professional to help you through the process is always the most efficient way to make the best decisions.

But at the start of something new, where do you begin? Who should you choose to work with? And how do you know the people you have chosen are the right people? To meet this need, a group of local professionals put their heads together and imagined how they could make this search simpler.

On August 20th 2009 The Professionals’ Alliance was born. The premise behind the Alliance is simple. Nine professionals, each with a different expertise, work in collaboration to help clients move smoothly and efficiently through the process of making new ventures come to life.

The Alliance determined that any person would at some point in their life require the expertise of at least one (if not all of the) professional services offered. With that in mind, this dynamic team joined forces to provide innovative and excellent services to clientele creating, essentially, a one stop shop.

The services they provide fall into the areas of:

  1. Financial Planning
  2. Real Estate
  3. Accounting
  4. Banking
  5. Mortgage Brokering
  6. Commercial Lending
  7. Legal
  8. Notary Services
  9. Insurance Brokering

So what makes this Alliance so different?

Accessibility. When a client meets one professional, they immediately have access to the advice of eight other professionals who have been vetted by the group. As they evolve, the Alliance will accept other professionals which will compliment their services. Integrity. Already having a wide range of business networks and contacts, The Professionals’ Alliance recognizes the importance of respecting those relationships. This alliance will exist in addition to their already established network of clients, families and friends.

As always, the client comes first and each person’s needs can vary greatly from the next. This team commits to fitting each client with the best professional, whether he or she is inside or outside of the Alliance.

Synergy. Working in collaboration, not in competition, is the wave of the future. The Alliance’s mission is to give back to the community, to provide excellent customer service and to help others to initiate collaborative alliances of their own.

Some members own their own businesses while others work for broader organizations. Of course, despite the wide range of services offered, clients are not obligated to use all of The Alliance’s services unless they feel the relationship is a good fit.

Feel free to do business with all, some, or just one professional. The choice belongs to the client.